What’s the Scoop on the Fourth Commandment for Modern-Day New Testament Christians?

Nothing’s written in stone. This disclaimer frequently used during planning committee meetings overlooks historical Jewish and Christian records to the contrary. In both the Torah and Old Testament, the finger of God engraved ten commandments in stone tablets—not once, but twice. No questions regarding rules against adultery, lying, and stealing, but what’s the scoop on the Fourth Commandment for modern-day New Testament Christians? Isn’t keeping the Sabbath holy an outdated concept?

Many of us still remember the childhood Sunday afternoon drives around a rural American town. No sports games on Sundays. No construction work on homes or streets anywhere. “Let’s go for a ride, girls,” drew cheers as we scurried to get our shoes.  We knew only one business opened on Sunday afternoon. Following Dad’s slow-moving review of construction progress on new buildings in town or the state of various gardens, we always enjoyed a soft-serve ice cream cone. Practically the whole town rested on Sundays.

Exodus 20:8, “Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy,” provides grist for discussions even within the Church. What does it mean to keep a day holy, and does it matter which day, since every day’s pretty much the same?

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Why Does Sharia Law Burden Us for All Girls and Women, Not Only Muslims?

Christians are Islamophobic! Ever noticed how quickly an opposing view gets tagged –phobic? I have no fear of Islam, but my heart breaks for every girl and woman subjected to the laws of Sharia. Throughout the hundreds of European and at least thirty-five Muslim enclaves in America, the rights women have struggled to achieve are being smashed under the banner of religion. Why does Sharia Law burden us for all girls and women, not only Muslims? Can’t something be done?

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Sharia in the West

As countries receive tens of thousands of Muslim refugees, some of the Islamic laws (Sharia) collide with the local, State, and federal statutes. After significant pressure from the Muslim leaders in each community, a growing number of secular courts in Europe and America have accepted a dual legal system. Continue reading

Will European Voters Launch the Patriotic Spring in 2017?

“America first! America first!” Newly-inaugurated President Trump declared to the tens of millions of international viewers last Friday. While many of Europe’s mainline politicians scrambled to the phones, the avowed nationalists revved their engines. “Trump has made the impossible possible,” France’s Marine Le Pen told the BBC. Will European voters launch the Patriotic Spring in 2017?

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With Donald J. Trump at the helm, the USA hopped on the bandwagon to return power to the people. Our anti-establishment neighbors across the Great Pond have been working hard for years to do just that. With elections scheduled in three key European countries, 2017 may be the year. Continue reading