Five Tales That Reveal Not All Burgers Are Created Equal

An international worker shares three decades of searching for hamburgers all over the globe

Hamburger re Five Tales That Reveal Not All Hamburgers Are Created EqualWhen is a hamburger not a hamburger? As an American, reading Hamburger on a menu used to evoke only one image: about four ounces of ground beef flipped on a grill and served between two halves of a similar-size bun. All that changed when I left the US of A. Here are five tales that reveal not all burgers are created equal.

Can I Adapt Without Spending Months in a Blind School?

The discovery of an anxious fifty-four-year-old missionary nurse practitioner might surprise you.

Dannie canoeing re Can I Adapt Without Spending Months in a Blind School?

Canoeing on the Bull River

When total blindness entered my life, fear engulfed me. Even if the school rightly boasted the friendliest faculty in the world, the idea of living in an entirely unfamiliar environment–without sight, friends, or family–petrified me. How can I adapt without spending months in a blind school?

My brain and other senses functioned normally, so with the sighted assistance of competent colleagues, the jungle medical clinic hours remained the same. I navigated the darkness by using a scrolling mental diagram

What Does “Don’t Take the Lord’s Name in Vain,” Really Mean?

The truth of the Third Commandment revealed

Tablets of the Ten Commandments reWhat Does “Don’t Take the Lord’s Name in Vain,” Really Mean?

Courtesy of 123RF Stock Photo/James Steidl

Countless millions of us throughout the centuries have believed that the third of the Ten Commandments meant we shouldn’t swear, but that’s wrong. Uh, what I mean is that, while using God’s name in such an irreverent way is wrong, it has nothing at all to do with the Third Commandment. So, what does “Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” really mean then?

As with all verses in the Bible, we need to understand the context of the culture and time in which the commandments had been written. The people in the land where God directed Israel to live had been sacrificing to false gods.

Their offerings included more than the material possessions demanded by the priests of Baal. Those serving Moloch said god required the sacrifice of their first-born child in his fires.

God forbids the use of His name to force people to submit to unrighteous practices, acquire unearned wealth, or gain power over others. We don’t much like it when someone uses our name to make promises for us to keep either, do we?

“Hey, Girlfriend, It’s Okay to Be Straight!”

A pediatric nurse practitioner addresses adolescent concerns.

14 year-old BFF re "hey, girlfriend, it's okay to be straight!"

14 year-old BFF

With the media’s spotlight focused on the adolescents of the LGBT community, the insecure straight teen can feel left out—again “I’m thirteen. I like Susan a lot. We’ve been best buds since first grade, but—not like that. What’s wrong with me?” To all of you teens and young adults, I say, “Hey, girlfriend, it’s okay to be straight!”

As you develop, you’ll discover two separate attractions. While the pull may differ with some