What’d a Fifties Thanksgiving Look Like?

An old-fashion Thanksgiving with grandparents demonstrates a fifties-style celebration

Kids today can’t imagine life without a microwave, instant mashed potatoes and packets of turkey dressing. It’s possible to purchase a fully-cooked turkey from the store and just reheat. If going the cook-it-yourself route today, most turkeys are sealed in a bag so the cook need not pull the turkey out to baste the bird. Drawing from childhood memories, I’ll answer the question: What’d a Fifties Thanksgiving Look Like?

Turkey re What’d a Fifties Thanksgiving Look Like?

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Some things never change

Even in the fifties, the day began with the beautiful Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade–in black and white until the mid-sixties. Later, a football game played on in the family room, while ladies washed up dishes before serving the dessert.

Five Tips Re: Paris Attack Fears

How to regain a sense of security in the midst of terrorism

Flag of France re Five Tips Re: Paris Attack Fears

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Eiffel Tower re: Five Tips Re Paris Attack Fears

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Fear grips viewers thousands of miles from Paris as anxious reporters struggle to describe the gruesome carnage rolling in the background footage. The unthinkable has happened; the innocent have been slaughtered in the name of ISIS. Over and over the news broadcast the disturbing scenes, igniting an impenetrable cage of fear around the globe. In this post, I offer five tips re: Paris attack fears.

The greatest weapon ISIS uses against us is fear. How they delight in the public’s reaction to their barbaric deeds. But, how can we experience peace and not fear when the threats continue?

One Amazing Tale For Dog-Lovers

A poignant illustration of an Old Testament verse

Three puppies re One Amazing Tale For Dog-Lovers

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I listened with rapt fascination, picturing Alistair Begg’s unfolding account. What a story. His words provided much more than one amazing tale for dog-lovers. The image unwrapped the glorious truth of the security found in the love of our Creator.

Alistair and his wife strolled the quiet streets of the small rural village. They glanced over at a passing cyclist. To the couple’s amusement, the man’s dog appeared to be resting against his back.

How Can Totally Blind People Read?

The answer might surprise you—it’s not using Braille or audio cassettes.

Stack of Books re How Can Totally Blind People Read?

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Gliding the fingertips of my left hand over a large volume with complicated raised dots, I faced the shattering reality of blindness. I lived in a completely black world. Learning to read braille paralleled the difficulty I had acquiring facility with a new language. Even if I could speed up my snail’s pace reading with hours of practice, where would I find such books in Africa? For me, the question of how can totally blind people read? wouldn’t be answered by braille.

Routine interrupted

Before darkness enveloped my life twenty-four/seven, I had books open all over the house and office. Typically, I read several chapters in four or five books each day.