Ten Most Read Nuggets Articles of 2015

The list and links to the top posts from the Golden Nuggets and Silver Musings blog.

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To be sure you didn’t miss any of the ten most read Nuggets articles of 2015, I’ve listed them below. If you’re anything like me, a title isn’t enough to refresh your memory of articles already read. Included is a brief summary.

What’s a Christmas in the Jungle Look Like?

Trying to bring the traditional American celebration to the Third World can be an eye-opener.

Christmas decorations re What’s a Jungle Christmas Look Like?

As a young person spending my first Christmas in the jungle, I reckoned I could bring my American traditions to blend in with those of my new African friends. After all, everyone expressed a desire to go to the States. I wondered, what’s a Christmas in the jungle look like? Nothing could have prepared me for the shocking reality.

What’s God’s Christmas Plan?

Delicious baked goods, brightly lit scented candles, and “Glo-o-o-oria’s” only frame the celebration of God’s plan.

Christmas decoration re What's God's Christmas Plan?

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Mankind has needed the Jesus of Christmas since time began. When God created us, He included a unique place in our hearts just for Him. Even so, every generation has attempted to fill that spot by worshiping gods they could see, made from wood, metal, or stone. So, What’s God’s Christmas Plan?

Give them what they want

If God’s children wanted to see, hear, and touch Him before agreeing to obey His commandments, He’d oblige. The Almighty God sent Jesus, His Son, to demonstrate the way to live an obedient life. In humility Jesus left the glory of Heaven and began His earthly sojourn the same way we all do—as a baby.

Jesus did not come to earth as the son of a king or a rich man. Most of us aren’t born into royalty or wealth. Jesus’ earthly father worked as a carpenter, and so did Jesus until the time His ministry began.

God wanted the ordinary folks and poor people to know they’d find acceptance with Jesus. The same is as true today as two thousand years ago.

As with our own lives, Father God had a unique purpose/mission in mind when He sent Jesus to live on earth. His earthly life had a specific beginning, and the finale had nothing at all to do with the number of years he lived, nor the number of years He’d been in ministry.

Why Do We Need Jesus in Christmas?

The answer lies in the origin of the holiday--long before that night in Bethlehem.

When even the non-Christian religions of the world celebrate Christmas in their own unique traditions, why do we need Jesus in Christmas? The nativity set makes a lovely centerpiece and the children of all ages enjoy the living manger scene displayed but is it really necessary to put Jesus in our Christmas celebration?

Living Christmas nativity scene reenacted re Why do we need Jesus in Christmas?

Living Christmas nativity scene reenacted (Courtesy of 123RF Stock photo/anyka)

The answer to the question, why do we need Jesus in Christmas? hasn’t changed over the centuries. Simply, Jesus is the reason for the season. It’s his birthday, after all; but it’s so much more than that.

Three Joys of Black Friday

Warning! Reading this blind lady’s post may result in your participation in the 2016 Black Friday shopping blitz.

Pushing, shoving and angry crowds are a blind person’s nightmare. For this reason, I limit my serious shopping to that one special day each year—Black Friday.

Black Friday re Three Joys of Black Friday

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I’m not being sarcastic and haven’t taken leave of my senses. I think Black Friday’s been given a bum wrap. So, I decided to share three joys of Black Friday to offer an alternative opinion.