What Should Today’s Teens Know about Love?

Thoughts from a senior to fill in some blank spots about love.

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While searching for information on a specific topic, I tripped on a link somewhere in the Google outfield. Down that rabbit hole I fell, coming to rest at the end of a list of thirty comments on the off-topic blog post I’d just read. I longed to reach out to the young author, her like-minded commenters, and all of those who read but left no feedback. I wondered, what should today’s teens know about love?

What does an old lady know about teenage love? Hey, I

Five Things So Amazing About God’s Grace

Salvation is just the start; there’s a lot more to grace in everyday life!

Earlier this week, I heard someone ask, “What’s so amazing about grace?” Hmm? That set my mind to pondering. After only a brief consideration, I discovered the Lord’s grace offered more than a ticket to Heaven after I die. In fact, I found five things so amazing about God’s grace, though certainly there are even more.

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This post isn’t for the many young people—and not-so-young—who believe they’ve got plenty of time to think about where they’ll spend eternity. When they get too old to go out partying, then it’ll be time to talk about God’s saving grace. This post is intended to speak to the Christians needing peace in their lives right now.

Are you aware that God designed grace for our entire sojourn on Planet Earth? He meant it for the

2016 Goal Setting Guidelines for Partial-Achievers

Individualizing goals for those only semi-successful in the past

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For weeks, my inbox has been flooded with the daily offers to help me craft measurable goals for this new year. Many include free webinars or teleseminars, in case I need the prompting of a live teacher-figure to get my keyboard clicking. I didn’t see an offer that shared the 2016 Goal Setting Guidelines for Partial-Achievers, so I decided to write my own.

Let’s be honest: Most of us did achieve something from that exhaustive list of 2015, right? We’ll begin there. Give yourself a pat on the back before digging in.

Three Targeted Steps to Embracing Change

The ABC’s of helping the reluctant move forward.

Some individuals leave the changing room and jump right into the deep end of the pool. Splash and brrr!

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Not me. I’m in the group at the other end, toe-testing the water temperature as I inch my swimsuit-clad body from dry to soaked. Because I approach most change in like fashion, I came up with three targeted steps to embracing change.