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Dannie is the author of Dealing With Our Fears When Letting Go Seems Impossible. Serving as a career-missionary on the foreign field has given her many amazing adventures to share.

The story of her first three years of service in the jungle after going totally blind is currently being developed in Grace For the Night Hours, which tied for Second Place in the 2012 FaithWriters Page-Turner Nonfiction Contest.

In addition to freelance articles, Dannie authors a memoir blog: Understanding God.

To read her FaithWriters Writing Challenge stories check her FW profile.  Each one is free to read and share with others.

A bit of history…

In 1967, Dannie (known by her first name “Darlene” or “Dar”) graduated from Laurel Senior High School in Laurel, Montana. She went on to complete a BA in Pre-Medical Sciences from the University of Montana in Missoula, followed by graduate study in Vancouver B.C., Canada. She earned a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College, which was located on the campus of the University of British Columbia at that time.

Before going on to nursing education, Darlene Dannie Hawley served in a variety of jobs that provide grist for innumerable nonfiction tales. Medical Records Transcriber, Hospital/Nursing Home Administrator, Ambulance Attendant/Driver and later EMT-A Trainer for twenty-one members of the Northern Cheyenne Indian tribe in Lame Deer, MT… to name just a few.

During Dannie’s recovery from a sudden and catastrophic illness in the late-seventies, a Vocational Counselor with the Rehab Services for the State opened the door for her to head in the direction of nursing.

Dannie’s love of children moved her from the BSN earned in 1981 (Montana State University in Bozeman) to graduate studies in Pediatric Nursing, earning an MSN from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. In addition to the Masters Degree, she left Virginia with national certification as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

During her graduate study, Dannie authored a children’s book, Stevie Goes to the hospital, published by the University press. Pediatric Nursing published an article she wrote presenting the findings of a research project, “Post-Operative Pain Management in Children.”

Dannie’s life took yet another turn when she left for the mission field in May of 1984, a career to which she is still fully-committed. Her publications from this point include a monthly mission newsletter, as well as two booklets on the Middle East: Isaac and Ishmael Today and Lebanon: A Mother’s Nightmare.

Dannie has been stationed in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa since January of 1991. For the first nine years, she worked as Medical Director of Bethlehem Clinic, located in the jungle of West Africa. Three-and-a-half years into this period of service, she became totally blind. She moved to serve in a city of 300,000 people on the other side of Guinea six years later.

group pict  2013 compDannie’s current position is the Project Director of the Samaritan House Children’s Center, where she has worked since 2007.



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2 thoughts on “About Dannie

  1. Dannie,
    Each time I read your biography I am overcome with awe in how the LORD has used you as His vessel…clearly so anointed and blessed.
    Outstanding BIO and heart…
    Continue shining your great light from within to without!
    Love you,
    God bless~

    • Thanks, Cami! The wonderful thing about the Lord is that we are never too old to be of service and He often chooses interesting parts of the world to show us His creativity. Let’s just say, I am never bored.