Five Important FAQs Re: Muslim Suicide Bombers

An Explanation of the benefits of being a suicide bomber

Talking heads all over the airways pose questions as scenes of the tragedy in Brussels roll in the background. How to prevent the next occurrence tops the discussion list in every country. As Christians, we know prayer is our greatest weapon. For this reason, we must understand these five important FAQs re: Muslim suicide bombers.

Little boys playing with truck and legos re Five Important FAQs Re: Muslim Suicide Bombers

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Q1: I’ve heard that a Muslim, who performs the duties of a suicide bomber, will go directly to Paradise, receiving seventy virgins to take care of his every need. Is this really taught or just a rumor?

A1: Their reward is even greater. Each martyr will be given seventy-two virgins, but each of those seventy-two virgins has seventy-two others under her supervision. All of the virgins are given to the man. Therefore, each man will be given 5184 virgins to take care of him.


Q2: Where do they get all of these virgins?

A2: They are specially created beings for Paradise alone, not girls or women who have died. They believe that Allah created beings who are half human and half angel to supply the special reward.


Q3: If a woman serves as a suicide bomber, will she be given the equivalent number of virgin males?

A3: When a former terrorist asked his father that question at the age of five, his father slapped him hard. What an absurd question.

Days later, he addressed the answer to his son’s question. Should his mother be martyred, then she would serve as the one in charge of all his father’s virgins. The Koran is a bit cloudy on what will be given to females who’ve been martyred, but clearly, there are no male virgins for her.


Q4: What happens to Muslims who die but not as martyrs?

A4: Muslims, who die of causes other than martyrdom, go to hell for a while. On the Judgment Day, Allah will review their record.

If the good things done for Allah outnumber the bad, then the Muslim will be allowed to enter paradise. How soon they’ll leave hell for Paradise depends on how good Allah judges his or her deeds to be. Hell is seen as a place of purification. These folks will enjoy good things in Paradise, but the reward of virgins is reserved for the martyrs.


Q5: One Muslim mother interviewed lost three sons to suicide bombings. She smiled and said they’d brought honor to the family. Why does anyone want their son to be a suicide bomber?

A5: The short answer is that it’s an enormous benefit for the family to have a son die for Allah while fighting the infidels (all non-Muslims).

The first drop of the infidel’s blood will gain the bomber a direct ticket into Paradise and his hordes of virgins.

The second drop of the infidel’s blood will allow seventy of the bomber’s immediate family a free ticket into Paradise—no waiting in hell to see if they’ll make it.


Reading these five important FAQs re Muslim suicide bombers helps explain why anyone would want to be involved in such a deadly activity. While our little boys are learning to share the trucks they dig out of the toy box at preschool, many of their Islamic age-mates are holding heavy AK-47s, learning how to shoot straight. In a few short years, they’ll be big enough to wear a suicide vest.

When the seven-year-old terrorist is slapped on his back and cheered for his successful kill, the promise of thousands of virgins is meaningless to him. What does get him back in the battle is the obvious praise and acceptance his action earned him from the teens and older men in their group.

Reminding himself that wearing the loaded vest under his floppy shirt will buy Paradise for his entire family strengthens the ten-year-old’s resolve. The trembling ‘tween looks straight ahead, walking deep into the busy open market. His mother began training him for this day from the age of four. The time has come to make her proud.


Let’s use the most powerful weapon we have against this horrible evil. Join me in praying for the youngsters born into Muslim families.

Ask the Lord, the Father of Truth to:

  • Reveal Himself to the children;
  • Open their minds to seek the truth; and
  • Let the kids know they can call upon Jesus to rescue them from this evil.


Crucial Defense Strategy

Blanket the Muslim neighborhoods in your city with prayer. You need not leave your house to do this. You can do a virtual prayer walk, using Google maps, right? Pray for the adults in that neighborhood as you have prayed for the children.

Resist hate and fear. Both are from Satan. Can there be any voice other than the father of lies who can get human beings to buy into such vile untruths as the above promises?

Don’t let Satan win by turning your brave heart to watery Jell-o. The God of all truth will strengthen you.

Ask the Lord to give you His love for the Muslim bombers. Pray for each of them, so God will pursue them before they end their lives in killing more innocent people. There are thousands of them out there. Pray that their signals will get interrupted, and ask God to fill their emptiness with His love


Prayer will bring God’s love to those who need it most. If you’ll take time to read the incredibly moving autobiography of Kamal Saleem, The Blood of Lambs, you’ll see how God is using Christians to love the deeply-rooted hatred right out of the profoundly hurting killers. The story of his childhood brings light to the reason young men sign up to be jihadists at an early age.


Only an encounter with the great love of the Living God will heal the deep-seated hurt of the suicide bombers. For the sake of all innocent people in today’s world, please join us in praying for each jihadist to have such an encounter.

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