New Picture

Dealing with Our Fears when Letting Go Seems Impossible began with a powerful picture dropped into the mind of a desperate missionary lady, serving in the jungle of West Africa. Early one morning, a year after Dannie became totally blind, she confronted God with her question. “I know You know where I am and what’s happening to me; but do you really know how I’m feeling about it?”

God’s incredible response came immediately, beginning with the picture. The special lessons of God’s how-to handle it developed as He revealed each step to her over the following year. This book contains the story of those faith-building trials and God-orchestrated triumphs.

While the setting of the story is a medical post in a remote African jungle village, and the main characters two missionary nurses, their basic trials are not unique to their situation.

All of us experience the struggle of overwhelming challenges from time to time. Whether the trial exists due to a God-given test, or the circumstance is just part of living in a fallen world, one truth remains constant. God wants us to experience the joy of triumph. If we’ll seek God with our whole heart, we’ll find the Lord faithful in His guidance and plentiful with His mercy.

Dealing with Our Fears when Letting Go Seems Impossible details the five-step model the Lord taught Dannie in how to handle the anxieties and fears that engulfed her daily life as soon as she lost her eyesight. Instead of leaving the jungle, the nurses obeyed God, remaining at their post.

This how-to book is liberally sprinkled with true stories to illustrate these lessons as the ladies worked through them. Each tale has been carefully recollected by a gifted storyteller, making it easy to find oneself right in the middle of the adventure. Be it edge of the seat danger, or laugh out loud humor, each story provides a good read.

May you also find in its pages a nugget of hope for your own life circumstances. It’s the author’s profound hope that you will discover just how very much the Lord loves you, understands what you are going through, and longs for you to triumph.

You can read a chapter in Dealing with our Fears when Letting Go Seems Impossible on Amazon by clicking the link above.  The book is also available on Barnes&Noble.